Years of experience, quality service

It happens to everyone - now that phones are made of fragile glass and metal if they are dropped, mistreated or looked at the wrong way you will crack the screen...

That sinking feeling when you pick up your phone from the ground and the screen is covered in cracks is terrible.

Thanks to years of experience (and many dropped iPhones) I provide a quality iPhone and iPad repair service.

Once a repair is scheduled, I collect the phone and provide a loan phone to use while the repairs are made.

Fast service - Minimal disruption

Typical iPhone screen repairs are done on the same day, often they can be completed on the spot, within an hour.

iPad repairs can take longer, up to four working days depending on parts available.

To schedule a repair, enquire about repair times or just to ask a question, simply fill out the contact form below or email me directly


Passionate about technology from an early age

Anything technology has interested me from an early age. Born in the early 90s I grew up in a digital world, full of TV, dial-up internet and 16-bit video games.

My first family computer was an Apple II, but that was traded in for an IBM Aptiva when I was about four. This computer was where I learned how to access the internet, how to play video games and how to take apart a computer.

Since then I've built many computers, modified software, set up networks and helped friends and family do the same. Even though I have put my efforts into phone repair, I still occasionally do computer tech support. If you need help with a computer problem, fill out the contact form on this page and I will look into it and do my best to help.