Journalists in 2018 need wide ranging skill sets to perform in this increasingly competitive industry. Gone are the days of specialising in TV, print or radio.

I bring a diverse set of skills and experience to any job, providing a valuable addition to any newsroom or publisher:

  • Experience working in newsrooms through internships with Channel Seven News, ABC and Star News Group
  • Years of experience in end-to-end video production on Youtube
  • Self-taught freelance photographer
  • Excellent writing and proof reading skills

More details can be found on the About Me page.




    New! Exciting! Fresh! Content!

    That's right I've launched a blog, right here on this website. It's been some time since I have worked on a public writing project and it's time to get back into it.

    The blog covers a wide range of topics including:

    You'll find the latest blog posts here


    Looking for someone to capture your next special occasion?

    With several years experience in event photography and media, I have the skills and demonstrated experience to bring your next event to life through photos.

    Lifelong expertise, an eye for the unusual and a full suite of professional equipment comes together to create a memento of your special day.

    For a portfolio of recent work, take a look at the gallery.


    Online video has been disrupting the media landscape for the past decade. Growing up in an age where Netflix, Youtube and countless other services have pushed out TV, it's hard to imagine how people sat down at a specific time and place each week to watch their favourite shows!

    My Youtube channel is where I sometimes talk about big ideas like digital disruption, other days I just make silly videos. Check it out here