Hi, my name's Patrick. You probably know this already since you're looking at my website, but I have no clue how to start writing this about page. What's your name? Wait that's not how this works...

What do you keep in all of these notebooks? ‘cause that’s a whole lot of notebooks.
— Obito Uchiha, Youtube Comment

I'm just a typical millennial growing up in Melbourne. I love expensive barista made coffee, have a glorious beard, and have some vain hope of owning a house in this city.

Oh, and I love telling stories. There's a wondrous story to be told about anything. That's the best part about life, you can find stories everywhere you look.

Storytelling pervades every part of what I do, from journalism to playing Dungeons and Dragons in my spare time.

I made a couple of blog posts explaining a bit more about what I do, that's a good start at describing myself. Check them out here:

Cross-Platform Journalist


The 21st century journalist needs a diverse set of skills to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. Gone are the days of specialising in a specific form of media, we have to be across everything!

As someone with a diverse range of media experience, I have the skills to provide a valuable addition to any newsroom or publisher:

  • Hands-on radio production experience with ABC's Statewide Drive program
  • Experience working in newsrooms through internships with Channel Seven News and ABC
  • Proven photographic experience through three years of event photography
  • Excellent on-camera personality and video editing experience from six years of producing Youtube videos
  • Established history of teamwork and collaboration through group projects and NGO projects
  • Consistent proven ability to take initiative and manage workload through self-employment, retail work and overseas NGO work
  • Excellent interpersonal skills developed through customer service roles
  • Experience transcribing video and audio files
  • Established internet research skills, locating people through social media
  • Proficiency in industry standard applications (iNews, AP ENPS, NETIA, Quantel, Aurora, etc.)
  • Proficient with all commonly used social media platforms

For a full CV, you can contact me here.