Why bother with a photographer?

You only have one chance at this. The candles will be blown out once, that special moment, first dance or speech only happens once - make it count.

Smartphones take amazing pictures, but unless it's bright daylight the photos will look dim or grainy. A professional photographer will take stunning pictures rain, hail or shine.

Through years of experience taking photos at events I have this down to a fine art - no cutting somebody out of the picture or people with their eyes closed!

There are a thousand other little details you need to worry about too - did we get a photo of the cake? Did we get a photo with grandma? Just sit back, relax and enjoy the event while it’s all taken care of.

You'll never wear the dress again. The tie will get stained or old. The flowers will die. The food and alcohol will be gone. The centerpieces will be dismantled, trashed, recycled, or sold. Do you know what you get to keep? Pictures.


Experience & Expertise

I have been taking photos from the moment I could hold a camera. The experience from a lifetime of taking photos and shooting video means the photos I take are excellent quality.

I have photographed countless birthdays, video taped speeches and the occasional wedding, and am available to photograph your next event. Contact me for more information about my photography services.

Your next party or event covered

Whatever you’re looking for, I’m your guy.

  • Birthdays

  • Engagements,

  • Family Photos

  • Instagram Shoots

  • Fashion shots

  • Headshots

  • Much, much more!

To see a selection of my work, visit the gallery.