I don't take selfies with famous people

Last weekend I was at Vidcon, a YouTube and online video convention. Almost 10,000 people descended upon the Melbourne Convention Centre to meet their favourite Youtubers and be a part of this community.

I got to meet several high profile creators, all of which you can see on my vlog. You'll notice with a few of them the video cuts a bit dramatically, that's because I switched the camera off and had a conversation. 

One of the biggest features of the convention was a meet and greet space, a huge marked off area for lines to meet some of the big names who attended. The lines were massive, all to pose beside somebody for a photo a few hundred other people have got.

I'm not trying to disparage the people who do this. Some of my friends lined up for these meet and greets. Hell, I noticed on Twitter that Nathan Zed was walking around a part of the convention, so I went over to where he was to meet him.


I didn't ask for a selfie though. I didn't freak out or try to overwhelm him, I went over with my camera recording (it was rolling for most of the convention), I said hi, switched the camera off and had a few words with him. I'll cherish that conversation more than any selfie.

These creators are just people like us, with their own lives, insecurities and everything else that makes us human. These meet and greets create a strange cult of personality around the people at the top of this industry, a whole other issue I'll write about another time.

Despite all this, the first ever Vidcon Australia was a rousing success. I got to meet so many like-minded creators, and even met a few fans of my videos. It's lit a creative fire under me to do more, be more and create more online. Stay tuned for more blog posts and more videos this year!